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A 3-in-1 product on the market with effectively result to help you in slimming, Whitening, Moisturing your body keep you restore to youth.


Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia, HACCP, Halal, GMP and be assured with 1 million assurance.

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Jaybee | Reply 23.06.2014 22.51

If my mother has diabetes and dad got high blood pressure, so they should take E250? If they need to lose weight,, should they take both F250 and E250 together?

Wallace 23.06.2014 22.58

This is a supplement not drug / medicine. Once the treatment stop, it will bounce back after awhile. For this sake, a continuos treatment is most advisable.

Wallace 23.06.2014 22.57

Dear Jaybee,
Yes, E250 for diabetes. However, for for high blood pressure, we advised to tk half sachet at each consume.
F250 is for lose weight.

Jaybee 23.06.2014 22.53

I also want to ask whether the diabetes reading will bounce back after it reduced if we stop consuming E250?

Nicole | Reply 14.05.2013 17.21

Hi, I would like to know about the nutrition ingredient as there is no written on it?

May | Reply 20.04.2013 14.54

I bought F250 where the ingredient didn't indicated salmon ovary peptide and shirataki. May I know how to identify the authentication of F250?

Wallace 21.04.2013 11.55

Each box of E250 come with a completed seal of Champion Logo & Batch No. You may refer to your seller for detail.

Wallace 21.04.2013 11.54

Dear May,
The salmon ovary peptide is identify as Seaweed Extract whereby the Shiritaki is identify as Konjac Ceramide.

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Dear Chee Tong,

You may make your order through 010-3228933.


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06.10 | 20:42

How much is it per box ???

05.10 | 14:00

Kat pahang produk nie ada jual di area mane. Boleh bagi nama stokis

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